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Captain Boyle started his career on the Picaroon Princess as a shanghaied ships surgeon Dr. Lance D. Boyle. Since the ship was an all female crew, he didn't mind too much. Under still mysterious circumstances, the ship's Captain fell ill, unusually fast, died and was burried at sea. The good Dr to it upon himself to performed the ceremonies in the middle night....when no one was as not to "disturb" the crew. Bless their souls. With his wit and charm Boyle was able to be voted in as the Captain of the Picaroon Princess. Of course Lance modestly accepted the position. Did we happen to mention it was an all female crew?

Piccarroon Princess'

Fine Crew Are We

We Sail the High Seas

And Happy Are We

Captain Lance D. Boyle a.k.a Lord Ben Dover a.k.a Gary Gladu

Gary and Luisa began performing by helping friends at a fund raising Boar's Head Dinner. After that, they were hooked.....

Performances are tailored to each venue and the range is endless. Either performing in High 16th Century court as Lord Ben Dover and Lady Eileen Dover (formerly of the Hung Overs now she is Eileen Over Dover), or unusually sober pirates Captain Lance D. Boyle and First Mate Truly Scrumptious and occasionally Sara O'Hara (from the Southern Caribbean), their shows offer unique and fun experiences through musical entertainment. Performances have included themed weddings, corporate fund raisers and school enrichment programs. They have also put on several fund raising dinners for local churches (Prospect United Methodist Church in Bristol, CT and the First Church of Windsor, Windsor CT).

Public performances have been at many New England area venues and beyond. They have performed at:

  • The Connecticut Renaissance Faire (Home Faire), Hebron, Norwich and North Haven, CT
  • Salem Pirate Festival, Salem, MA
  • The Long Island Pirate Festival, West Sayville, NY
  • Festival of the Lion, Grafton, MA
  • Vermont Renaissance Faire, Burlington, VT
  • Prospect Renaissance Faire, Prospect, CT
  • St. Michael's Faire, Litchfield, CT
  • Lake Compounce Amusement Park, Bristol, CT
  • Winslow Shire Faire, Winslow, MA
  • Family Farm Day ~ Mum Festival, Minor's Farm, Bristol, CT

Their shows at faires draw a diverse audience. They have several musical sets to choose from (See Shows tab), where the songs selected are from the 14th - 17th Century and others not so period. Their songs range from ballads, sea shanties, pub songs to mention a few. During each performance audience participation is encouraged and welcomed.

For a truly unique entertainment experience look no further than the "Bawdy Buccaneers"!

Now meet the crew!

​​Truly Scrumptious is the ship's First Mate/Cruise Director of the Picaroon Princess and is truly a sweet treat to listen to. She is the resident song bird, putting even a siren's song to  shame as she delights in singing and bringing a smile to every pirate's face. She keeps the Captain and crew in line when required....well she at least tries! You can't blame a girl for trying.

First Mate Truly Scrumptious a.k.a. Lady Eileen Dover a.k.a Luisa Gladu